On Saturday July 10, 2010, Dr Jill Wade attended the Academy of General Dentistry’s 2010 Convocation Ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she received her prestigious Masters Award. She joined other members receiving one of three awards: Mastership, Fellowship, or Lifelong Learning & Service Recognition.
To earn Mastership, members must be Fellows in the AGD who have earned an additional 600 approved continuing education credits, meeting the minimum requirements in each of the dental disciplines. In addition, 400 of the required credits must be in participation courses in which skills are learned through manipulation of dental materials. The final requirement of Mastership is to attend graduation. To receive your Fellow, which Dr Wade did back in 2000, you must earn 500 approved continuing education hours, pass a comprehensive 250 – question test, be a member for 3 years, and attend a ceremony.

In the AGD’s 58 year history only 2617 members have received Masterships, the Academy’s most prestigious award.

“I am so honored to be one of only 2600 dentist’s to ever receive this distinction. I realized while I was watching all these professionals walk across the stage of the graduation, how many lives are touched each week by these amazing people. I realized the letters MAGD that will now follow my name is a significant distinction to myself and my colleagues. However, the real reason why we all worked so hard towards this award was for our patients. We just want to provide the best dental care for them as we can. The AGD is made up of a great group of people and is great society. I encourage others work towards the goal of a Fellow or Master. It is goal worth every effort.”

“I also want to thank my staff, family, friends, and patients for their continuous support in my journey through dentistry. Without all of you it would not be worth it.”

“The trip to New Orleans was a blast. I just wanted to encourage anybody that has shyed away from traveling there to have no fear – BOURBON STREET is in tip top shape. I have traveled here several times in my life and I have to say this trip was the most pleasurable experience I had ever had. EVERYONE was so nice and friendly and helpful. The Omni and all it’s staff, right down to every taxi cab driver, waiter or waitress. The people of New Orleans seemed very happy to see us all!”

Keep Smiling
Dr Jill Wade