Laser Dentistry in Frisco, TX

Solea and Biolase Laser Dentistry Treatments

In 1994, dentists started embracing dental laser technology. Fast forward to today, and this technology is one of the most valuable tools in the dental industry. We utilize laser dentistry at Stonebriar Smile Design to provide more comfortable, accurate, and targeted treatments to our patients in Frisco. Dr. Wade is always an early adopter of advanced dental technologies, so it’s no surprise that she purchased the very first Biolase water laser and gum laser when it first hit the scene. She has lectured globally and hosted over-the-shoulder treatment courses for this technology, so her expertise is hard to beat! With Biolase, we can perform many restorative and cosmetic procedures while decreasing our patients’ pain and swelling both during AND after treatment. With the Solea laser, we can significantly reduce snoring and discomfort from restless evenings.

Biolase and Solea Laser Dentistry

Biolase and Solea lasers use a highly concentrated beam of light energy to perform dental work that’s usually done with scalpels and other metal tools. We use these beams to remove excess or diseased gum tissue and to eliminate decay. This type of treatment is very precise and easy to control, so surrounding healthy tissue won’t be affected. They also sterilize your mouth to decrease the chances of infection afterward. The Solea dental laser can be used to tighten the tissue in the airway, opening it up to reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. The recovery time tends to be much shorter than what you normally expect from traditional treatments.

The Uses for Solea & Biolase

Laser dentistry in Frisco has many different applications. Some of the most common include:

  • Treating gum disease by removing infected tissues while sterilizing the area
  • Gum contouring, which means removing excess gum tissue so that more of the tooth is visible when you smile
  • Exposing parts of the tooth so that it is possible to place a dental crown
  • Preparing the surface of your enamel for dental bonding
  • Performing a frenectomy to treat a tongue or lip tie
  • Removing canker sores and stimulating the mouth’s ability to heal
  • Relieving the pain from a TMJ disorder
  • Shrinking the airway to reduce snoring significantly

In many cases, laser dentistry will increase your comfort levels during the treatment while also shortening recovery time. For patients who are nervous about pain or just don’t love the sound of the dental drill, we highly recommend laser dental therapy.

Benefits of Solea & Biolase

Thanks to Biolase and Solea, we can perform various treatments with pinpoint accuracy. There’s less risk of unnecessarily removing gum tissue that is otherwise healthy. Also, the energy from the laser can cauterize any blood vessels that become exposed throughout the treatment, significantly minimizing bleeding, accelerating recovery, and reducing the need for stitches.

Most patients find laser dentistry far more comfortable than traditional dental treatments. The mouth may not even have to be numbed during the procedure. Any pain you experience afterward tends to be very mild, and you’ll typically be able to eat and speak normally without any problem, depending on the type of procedure.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you might benefit from a procedure that replaces traditional metal tools with a laser. Biolase doesn’t make any sound, making it much easier for patients to stay calm throughout the entire treatment.

Rapid Relief From Snoring Solea Sleep Snore Laser Therapy

Rapid Relief From Snoring