Advanced Dental Technology in Frisco, TX

Transforming Modern Dentistry With High-Tech Dental Services

We’re constantly innovating and adopting the latest technologies at Stonebriar Smile Design. We’re a modern dental practice that believes in serving our patients at a continually higher and higher level. We do so by staying up to date with new developments in the dentistry world. From Smilefy’s real-time smile design to Artificial Intelligence tools like Overjet AI X-ray reading technology, we use technology to be better diagnosticians to our patients. The advanced dental tools currently on the market allow us to transform the patient experience by diagnosing early and detecting otherwise undetectable issues before they become major problems. With our state-of-the-art facility, you can trust that you’re only getting the best of the best.

Revolutionizing A Trip to The Dentist With Advanced Tools

Pain-Free Laser Dentistry

Accurate Digital Impressions

State-of-the-Art Ai Dentistry

All-Digital X-Rays

Digital technology has changed how X-rays are taken and developed; now, patients and staff members are exposed to up to 90% less radiation, and we can display the images almost immediately on our chairside monitor rather than being sent to a darkroom first. With an X-ray, we examine the insides of your teeth, roots, and other oral structures that we wouldn’t be able to see without a visual inspection.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging is a relatively recent advancement in dentistry that has vastly improved our ability to gather information about your mouth and use that information to plan complex procedures. The X-ray beam is in the shape of a cone, and it combines multiple images of your mouth into a three-dimensional model that lets us check your tooth and bone structure from every angle. The more information we can gather, the easier it is to identify potential problems and avoid unnecessary complications.

Overjet AI Dentistry

OVERJET AI Dentistry is here! We’re always looking for new cutting-edge dental technologies to incorporate into our high-tech practice in Frisco, Texas. Overjet is exponentially improving our diagnostic process by spotting gradations in color on dental X-rays, detecting even the most subtle differences in shade. That means we can diagnose and treat dental health issues much earlier and more effectively. Stonebriar Smile Design is an early adopter of artificial intelligence in dentistry, and we’re proud to use the most innovative dental treatments and tools on our patients. To experience the difference of Overjet AI dentistry, schedule an appointment today.

Smilefy Cosmetic Imaging

Artificial intelligence smile simulation, AI diagnostics, and 3D CAD design generation are a few of the revolutionary things about SmileFy. SmileFy AI technology analyzes our patients’ facial characteristics and proportions and generates smile suggestions based on the results. Not only can you visualize yourself with a smile makeover, but you can also see the potential results in real-time. The instantaneousness of the process makes it much easier for us to make adjustments and tweaks until we settle on a gorgeous smile that’s perfect for you. SmileFy steps up our smile design skills and precision because after we decide on the right shape and size of your new smile, we send those exact designs off to be 3D printed. When you return to Stonebriar Smile Design for your smile makeover dress rehearsal, you get to feel and see your initial results in your mouth before committing to the change.

Digital Dental Impressions

When designing a crown or other dental restoration, taking dental impressions of your teeth ensures they fit comfortably and feel just right. Long gone are the days of messy, imprecise dental putty, thanks to digital impression technology! By using this advanced dental technology, our digital impression system allows us to produce virtual models of the teeth in question, ensuring the accuracy of the final restoration.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is revolutionizing dental treatments involving soft tissue by minimizing bleeding, reducing the amount of excess tissue removed, and putting patients at ease. We recommend soft tissue laser dentistry to our patients who are bothered by the sound of a dental drill or worried about pain. Our dental office uses Waterlase, which continuously sprays out water while the laser is active. Doing so keeps the treatment area hydrated at all times and prevents heat. Laser dentistry in Frisco, Texas, is a comfortable, precise, and anxiety-free dental experience.


Our dental team is highly skilled at detecting oral cancer, pre-cancerous cells, and other tissue abnormalities by using OralID™ in Frisco, Texas. This state-of-the-art light illuminates tissue irregularities ordinarily invisible to the naked eye, ensuring your dentist can detect oral cancer at its earliest possible stage. We perform oral cancer screenings during regular dental checkups at Stonebriar Smile Design, and we advise patients of all ages to have at least one oral cancer screening per year.


CAMBRA stands for Caries Management by Risk Assessment. Rather than just “drilling and filling” your cavities like most dentists, we work with you to formulate a plan to prevent cavities in the first place. By preventing future cavities, we save you time and money, so our patients can spend less time in our dental office and more time simply enjoying their healthy, beautiful smiles.

Oral DNA®

Oral DNA® testing at Stonebriar Smile Design enables us to identify specific bacteria in your mouth contributing to dental issues or signifying you may have a more significant health problem. Dentists and doctors understand the link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Research shows that the bacteria in the mouth can easily travel throughout the body and cause various severe health issues unrelated to teeth and gums. We use cutting-edge dental DNA testing in Frisco, TX, to deduce whether you are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and more. Working hand in hand with your family doctor, we can use this service to catch and stop a serious problem before it develops. Oral DNA® testing is a part of our wellness dentistry approach, which you can learn more about here.


DIAGNOdent® is an innovative dental device that uses a highly precise beam of light to scan the thickness of enamel. It detects even the slightest sign of thinning that wouldn’t be detectable during a traditional exam. DIAGNOdent® generates a straightforward readout, which lets your dentist know if they need to treat a particular tooth. Detecting the earliest signs of teeth thinning allows us to prevent cavities and improve your oral health with advanced dental technology.

Digital Dental Photography

Digital dental photography is a fantastic method of illustrating a patient’s smile from an outsider’s perspective. If a patient has trouble understanding why a dentist recommends a specific treatment, we utilize digital photography to capture the area and highlight exactly what we’re discussing and why. It’s important to record where you started vs. where you’re going, especially when it comes to smile makeovers. By taking high-definition images of your smile before and after a dental treatment, we can understand and admire the results together. Digital dental photography takes uncertainty out of your dental care and gives you something to smile about.

Intraoral Cameras

Our intraoral camera is a pen-shaped device tipped with a high-resolution camera. It allows our team to capture highly detailed images of your teeth and gums and instantly display them on a large chairside monitor, giving you a whole new perspective on your oral health. Side-by-side, you and your dental team review the results of the advanced dental imaging. Intraoral cameras boost our dentists‘ ability to diagnose dental health problems and make more informed treatment decisions.

Solea & Biolase™ Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry has many applications, including treating gum disease and reducing snoring and sleep apnea. The Biolase dental laser, a pioneering dental technology, allows us to forgo the dental drill and small metal tools to provide you with a significantly more precise and comfortable experience.

The Solea dental laser tightens the tissue in the airway, opening it up to reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. The laser shrinks collagen, so your results are long-lasting, leaving you feeling well-rested and better than ever. Schedule a life-changing laser dentistry treatment in Frisco, Texas, at Stonebriar Smile Design.