I recently pulled down from my bookshelf a book called “Bounce” by Keith McFarland. It has been about a year since I’ve read it and I was amazed at how much I got out of it the second time reading it! So I want to share with you a few thoughts directly from the book. As a small business owner, I found this book to be inspirational and helpful. It reminded me that when times are tough for everybody that the successful businesses and happy owners will be the ones that can BOUNCE with the changing times.“Bounce” by Keith McFarland

Chapter One : The Fundamental Rule: Be Willing to Change 

“You’re here to have The Good Life. That’s why we’re all here. That’s the reason we have careers and build families and try so hard….I’m going to introduce you to the 8 rules for The Good Life.

1) The willingness to change. Recognizing the need to adapt to what’s going on around you. Nothing changes until you change. Once you change, everything changes.

2) The willingness to learn. A step-by-step guide to expanding your knowledge base. Nothing new in, nothing new out.

3) Getting to the why in life: the EAT plan. Training yourself to see new opportunities and understanding how to find the inspiration behind them.

4) The diminishing intent key: getting to why. Learning to act decisively on the important things. Those that focus on the how in life always end up working for those who focus on the why.

5) Choosing to be faithful. Appreciating what you have before you lose it.

6) Creating new habits. Breaking the cycle of bad habits and replacing them with good ones.

7) Sharing knowledge. Become an effective leader in your life. You are a leader if someone is depending one you.

8) Streamlining your life. Learning how to say no. You can’t grow in life until you learn to say no.”

Enjoy BOUNCING into change. Share with me any other books you find helpful in business or life.