If you feel so bad that at times you think you are losing your mind, there is hope for you! You just need to get your body regulated again. At one time or another, you have probably received or purchased a cortisone cream or cortisone shot to place on a rash or decrease joint swelling or inflammation


Imagine that you have used up your body’s natural way to fight inflammation. High cortisol levels cause suppression of the immune system and interfere with the surface integrity of the body’s mucosal linings in the digestive tract and respiratory system. This can put you at greater risk for infections and allergic reactions to foods.

The state of inflammation can ultimately lead to cancer and other serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, periodontal disease, and accelerated aging. You can see how the magnitude of just one fatigued or exhausted gland can affect so many different areas of health! Visualize the “Circle of Health” again and begin to look at the symptoms in the outer ring to get ideas about which of the inner core jewels may be improperly functioning for you.

The latest wave toward healthcare—the oral systemic link—is a huge example of just how intertwined our entire body is when it comes to stress and inflammation. Many of the above mentioned diseases are defined as CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES. Many subtle signs and symptoms of inflammation can be seen inside the mouth.