I found this information at http://www.heart.org/ and it is scary and insightful. Please join Stonebriar Smile Design in focusing on our health (especially heart health). We are working with the AHA Dallas location and look forward to raising money and awareness for this worthy cause.


-Jill Wade



A Look at Heart Health in America



Nearly four in ten American adults believe they have ideal heart health (39%).



Less than one in ten believes they have poor heart health (5%).


The majority of adults have visited a doctor or health care professional within the past year (80%).


70% of Americans report being told to make lifestyle changes by a doctor or other health care professional.


One third report being told each to exercise more (35%) and that they are overweight (33%).


One in five adults report currently being a smoker (19%).



Fewer than two in ten American adults (15%) achieve AHA’s recommended levels of moderate aerobic exercise, which is 150+ total minutes per week.



For more than four of ten adults, eating 9 servings of fruits and veggies (44%) or eating fish at least 2 times per week (45%) is a rare activity.
Heart disease and stroke affect everyone in this country– your neighbors, loved ones and even you. But beating these deadly diseases doesn’t have to mean radical fad diets and crazy exercise trends that are only temporary fixes. A long life of heart health is about taking small steps each day to change how you eat and live. As those small steps add up, one day you will realize you’ve changed your life, and perhaps the life of those you love, for the better.


This is exactly what the Stonebrair Smile Design team wants for each of you! We want to help change these numbers for the better. Last year, the American Heart Association launched an ambitious impact goal to get our nation on the road to better heart health. By 2020, the AHA wants to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20% while reducing the deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20%.


So stay tuned for activities we will hold and stay aware, informed and involved. We would love for you to join us for such an important cause!