As we begin a new year, most of us make resolutions on things we can improve on. I recently published a book that I co-authored called Address the Stress that is a guide to the oral systemic link. We have focused 10 chapters with over 130 pages on just this and I would like to share some of it with you. I wish you a wonderful new year filled with health and happiness.
-Jill Wade, DDS, MAGD
Let’s Address the Stress!
Do you feel exhausted, tired, stressed, and have no energy? If at one point in your life you felt like the life of the party, but now you hardly have enough energy to go to the party, you are not alone. Most people do not fully understand the important influence that long term stress has on your body and the interrelated role that our adrenal glands play in our everyday life. For as bad as you may feel right now, the good news is that with the proper testing, the right treatment, and rest, your stress can be reduced and your adrenals brought back to health. Soon you can begin to feel like your old self again!


We believe your body and health act like a circle, rolling through life just fine until a piece or pieces of it begin to deteriorate. At that point the ride gets turbulent and the journey of life becomes harder on you. As things start to fall apart, you might find a temporary remedy with a prescription. But as more stressors surface in your life and as you get older, you will likely end up with a flat tire that is no longer able to be patched.Look at all the health related issues that integrate together to form a complete “Circle of Health.”


Some of you may answer, “Not so well.” This may be true, but let’s look at how your body physically deals with stress. There are two adrenal glands that sit on the throne and rule our bodies. These glands are involved in regulating virtually every aspect of our bodily functions. Below is a list of all the body’s functions these glands play a role in regulating.

Adrenal Exhaustion & Failure
Alcohol Intolerance
Allergies & Sinus Problems
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Digestive Disorders
Diminished Sex Drive
Dizziness upon Standing
Dry & Thin Skin
Excessive Craving for Sweets
Food and/or Inhalant Allergies
Hair Loss
Immune Deficiency
Inability to Concentrate
Infections (Parasitic, Bacterial, Fungal, or Viral)
Liver, Thyroid or Pancreatic Disorders
Low Blood Pressure
Low Body Temperature
Mood Swings
Pain in the Neck, Shoulders, & Back
Palpitations (Heart Fluttering)
Poor Memory
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Sleep Disorders
Weakness/Difficulty Building Muscle
Weight Gain/Loss