How do you fatigue your adrenals? I know, easy answer right? STRESS! Just live one week of your life. Take that one week and begin to look at it x2 or x10 or x100 weeks. After awhile, the adrenal glands become fatigued or even exhausted simply by the daily stressors of your busy life. Your body is designed so that when the source of immediate stress passes, you can return to a state of rest. When you are constantly in stressful situations, you are constantly on alert. If you do not return to a state of rest, then you risk adrenal fatigue. The cause of fatigue can simply be the stress of daily living, but on top of that stress, add injuries, surgeries, lack of nutrition, lack of rest, or pregnancies and BAM! You have a full on exhaustive episode. 


High stress will decrease your ability to fight infections and absorb nutrients effectively. You may also notice that your allergies are worse in times of stress. Stress which causes high cortisol levels will ultimately lead to adrenal fatigue, which in turn could eventually lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, degenerative diseases, periodontal disease and accelerated aging. The cause of fatigue can simply be stress of daily living, injuries, surgeries, lack of nutrition, lack of rest, pregnancies, etc.

The adrenal glands basically regulate everything, so you must make an effort every day to support their health. You must make these habits a priority of life: sleep, exercise, decreased and controlled stress; support yourself with proper supplements; remove inflammatory foods and remove habits like smoking and excessive alcohol. A proactive and preventive approach to your own mental, physical and dental health will increase your overall health and well-being.