How Do Your Hormones Affect Your Smile?

In our last post we talked about the surprising link between stress and your oral health. Today, we’ll look at another smile-body connection you may have never considered—the connection between your hormones and your oral health.

One primary example of this is pregnancy. During pregnancy, higher progesterone levels in the body make the soft tissues of the gums more prone to irritation from plaque, which can in turn lead to problems with gum disease. All of which means that regular brushing and flossing, plus regular dental visits, are vital if you’re currently pregnant or about to become pregnant.

But pregnancy isn’t the only time when a hormone imbalance can affect your oral health. During puberty, a similar surge of hormones can increase gum sensitivity. Teaching your teen to develop a strong oral health routine is one of the best ways to combat periodontal issues during this important time, in addition to keeping up with regular cleanings at Stonebriar Smile Design.

What do both of these examples prove, and our last post, prove?  It proves that while we tend to think of our smile as something separate from the rest of our body, the human body actually functions as a whole, with every aspect potentially having an impact on the other.

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