SomnoMed—An Alternative Solution for Treating Sleep Apnea

Since June, we’ve been doing a series on sleep apnea, covering topics ranging from the symptoms of sleep apneaits causes, and how it can be treated with a CPAP machine. Today we’re going to wrap up our series on sleep apnea by talking about a non-surgical alternative to CPAP that’s bringing relief to patients everywhere—an oral appliance from SomnoMed.

Why an Oral Appliance?

In our last post, we mentioned a few reasons for why patients might want to consider an oral appliance over treatment with CPAP. One common problem is that the noise a CPAP machine makes can keep patients or their partners awake, preventing sleep. Other problems include nasal congestion, sore throat, conjunctivitis, skin irritation, and nosebleeds.

All of which is reason enough to consider an oral appliance. An oral appliance is custom-made from an impression of your smile and is designed to fit unobtrusively over your upper and lower teeth. It’s works by repositioning your tongue or lower jawbone, preventing the blockage that commonly causes sleep apnea. As a result, patients are able to sleep easily throughout the night without waking up to take a breath.

Are you ready to make your sleep apnea a thing of the past with an oral appliance from SomnoMedDr. Jill Wadeand her experienced team are ready to help. Call Stonebriar Smile Design today to schedule your appointment with us. Our office is conveniently located in Frisco and serves patients fromPlano, McKinney, Allen, Dallas, The Colony, and beyond.