Summer may be coming to an end, but it won’t officially be over until September 21. That means that hot temperatures will be with us for at least another month. It also means that staying hydrated will still be a major concern.

But how are you choosing to stay hydrated? Is it by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, or is it with a can of soda or a glass of fruit juice?


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cold, sugar-filled drink from time to time, but relying on them for hydration comes with problems, both for your overall wellbeing and your smile.

The Dangers That Sugary Drinks Pose for Your Smile and Your Overall Health

One of the most obvious problems with sodas is that they often contain caffeine, a diuretic. Because diuretics decrease the amount of water in the body, consuming too many caffeinated drinks during the hot summer months can lead to dehydration.

What’s more, drinks loaded with sugar are also loaded with calories. Soft drinks in particular have been linked to rises in obesity in both children and adults, though fruit juices, sweetened teas, and sports drinks are also to blame.

But overall wellbeing is just one area we’d like to address. The other is in the arena of oral health.

The danger of sugary drinks is that sugar encourages the growth of bacteria, which in turn causes decay, or what you might know better as cavities. What’s more, the acid from sugary drinks can contribute to decay by wearing away the protective enamel that covers teeth. Both of these combine to leave teeth more vulnerable to serious oral health problems.

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