Predicting the Future with Oral DNA

In our last post, we talked about the connection between gum diseaseand heart health. Today, we’d like to highlight a special tool that Dr. Wade uses at her Frisco dental officeto help prevent and treat gum disease—it’s called Oral DNA.

This helpful tool uses a small sample of saliva to identify what types of bacteria are in your mouth. It can even tell us if you’re genetically predisposed to developing gum disease.

It’s often assumed that gum disease is purely the result of poor oral health. But that’s not always the case. Patients who are genetically predisposed can still develop gum disease, even if they’re excellent at brushing and flossing. The more Dr. Wade knows about your smile, the more pro-active she can be about providing care.

Early treatment is the best defense against poor health, no matter what condition you’re talking about. One way we’re doing this in regards to gum disease is with a Waterlase dental laser. With laser dentistry, we can provide comfortable, scalpel-free gum disease therapythat will help you eliminate bacteria and plaque below you gum line.

Let us help you take control of your smile’s future with Oral DNA. To find out more about how Oral DNA works, visit their patient information page or call our Frisco office. We gladly serve patients from PlanoMcKinneyAllenDallas, and The Colony