DNA Testing with VELscope

In our last post, we talked about the surprising connection that exists between HPV and oral cancer. Today, we’d like to focus on a revolutionary tool that’s helping Dr. Wade and her team diagnose oral cancer early.

In a traditional visual exam, doctors are looking for red or white spots that might indicate cancer. But it takes time for these spots to develop, and they typically indicate a more advanced form of the disease. To effectively treat oral cancer, it needs to be diagnosed early, before any spots are visible.

That’s difficult with just the naked eye, but it’s more than possible with a revolutionary tool called VELscope. This tool uses a special fluorescent light to highlight abnormal cells on tissue that might look healthy to the naked eye.

What does that mean for patients? It means an early diagnose and an early treatment. The earlier treatment can be administered, the greater the chance of making a full recovery.

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