In our last post, we talked about two dental services—teeth whitening and nightguards—that can have an anti-aging effect, helping patients improve their appearance and self-confidence. In today’s post we’d like to talk about the third service that can help: periodontal therapy.

Periodontal therapyis used to treat forms of periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, it’s been estimated that at least half of all adults in American have some form of the condition. If left untreated, it can lead to bone loss and, eventually, tooth loss, all of which can have an effect on your appearance and oral health.

At Stonebriar Smile DesignDr. Jill Wadeoffers care for gum disease with Waterlase, a special laser tool that can be used to treat a diverse range of issues. Periodontal therapy with Waterlase is more comfortable than care with a scalpel and stitches. As a result, patients can look forward to a shorter recovery time.

Treatment with Waterlase, or through some other means, will help prevent gum disease from progressing, protecting your smile from bone loss and the potential for tooth loss. What’s more, with regular cleanings, your Frisco dental team can help you limit the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria and plaque are the primary cause of gum disease. Limiting both will help your gums, your appearance, and even your overall health and wellbeing.

Do you want to learn more about periodontal therapy, or any of our other services? Call our Frisco dental office today to reserve your appointment. Dr. Wade and the team at Stonebriar Smile Designserve patients from PlanoMcKinneyAllenDallasThe Colony, and surrounding areas.