I know many of you can relate to my stress this time of the year. This year, with Thanksgiving falling late in the month, we only have a little over 3 weeks between then and Christmas.
If you are like me, sometimes trying to cram all of the shopping, decorating, and planning in three weeks can be a bit strenuous. Not to mention taking care of the twins, and it being the busiest time of the year at the dental office makes this time very stressful for me!
Recently I started using the WIN (Wellness International Network)products, and I have to say they make a world of difference in my energy levels. There are thousands of energy drinks out on the market and many are great.  However, what I like about the WINrgy drinks, is they are the only supplements listed in the PDR (physicians desk reference) and the company has been in the business of making wellness products for over two decades.
How Does WINrgy Work?
As a dentist, I love that is contains xylitol! Everybody knows I love xylitol because it is good for controlling the environment of the mouth to fight against cavities and optimize the gum health by controlling the wrong type of bacteria. The fact that it tastes great and gives me energy is just an added bonus!
WINrgy has far fewer calories of convenience store energy drinks, and has no refined sugars.
Instead, WINrgy gets its power from good nutrition, including amino acids, an abundance of B vitamins, and natural mood-enhancers / nutrients that help your cells use the energy found in the essential trace minerals copper, potassium and zinc.


Everyone needs extra energy now and then. Instead of reaching for coffee or sugary beverages, choose WINrgy energy drink for a natural energy boost!
WIN products are available for purchase at Stonebriar Smile Design located in Frisco, Texas, and serving the DFW Metroplex.