After being a dentist for almost 20 years, I have found that trends come and go in dentistry. One year whitening is a hot topic, the next a new material to use in the office.  I was blown away when I began my role as a founding member of The Academy of Oral Systemic Health. The science and studies emerging from both the medical profession & dental community are relating more and more systemic diseases to oral health.
As your dentist, I want to ensure that I can optimize your total health through dentistry. This means that you need to understand the connections of oral health to other systemic diseases.  Over the next several weeks I will take 1 systemic condition at a time and elaborate on its relationship to oral health.
You might be surprised at just how much your oral health can affect your total health.
Stay tuned, our first topic will be heart disease & strokes. Studies show over 70% of stroke victims had an undiagnosed dental infection that could have lead to their stroke.
We also offering Oral DNA testing in our Frisco, TX, office.
Dr. Wade