How We Are Your Biggest Healthcare Advocate
“Optimizing Total Health Through Dentistry”
This past week I was fortunate enough to attend the Bale/Doneen Preceptorship with several team members.  This course focuses on cardiovascular prevention and dentistry’s role in achieving this through proactive therapy. This was the fourth time I have attended this course and I get goose bumps each time I am with these incredible leaders.  I continue to learn new ways for Stonebriar Smile Design to be your biggest advocate as a healthcare professional.
A few “pearls of wisdom” taken from this course:
  • Proactive hygiene therapy is “key” in reducing inflammation in your mouth; thus reducing inflammation in your entire body. Cardiovascular prevention CANNOT be comprehensive in nature without addressing the oral-systemic link.
  • More and more scientific studies are proving the pathogens present in your mouth are the same pathogens found in many heart attack victims plaque.
  • 50% of cardiac events have undiagnosed dental infections or periodontal disease.
  • Finding “like-minded” physicians and dentists to work as a “team” on your behalf is your best chance at complete cardiovascular disease prevention.
Our goal in attending these courses are to continually learn and expand our knowledge base to be the best we can be for you, our patients.  I challenge you at your next visit to take a deeper look into our health history forms and answer them as if you were at your physicians office, not “just your dentist.”   We are truly your “oral physicians”, taking dentistry to a whole new level!
Dr. Wade