Did you know that fewer than 8% of people accomplish their resolutions each year? According to Forbes, the reason for the majority of failed resolutions is because you can’t just state your resolution, or even set a goal to accomplish the resolution; you must create what is called “behavioral change.”

Organizational change management, created by David Gleicher, is a method that not only works in a business setting, it can also work for personal behavior management.  The principals of the method are fairly simple:

If your desire for the change is greater than the resistance of your lifestyle then you should accomplish your goal.

Our goal at Stonebriar Smile Design is to assist you in accomplishing all of your life’s goals, not just dental.  A healthy smile is only part of the equation.  Dr.’s Jill Wade & Kristi Moody believe that your smile should exude confidence, health and happiness.  This is something that radiates when you achieve your goals. Share your 2015 resolutions and goals with us, e-mail to courtney@stonebriarsmiledesign.com or post message to our Facebook page and we will share your goals to see what are most popular among our friends!

Here’s to accomplishing your goals and resolutions in 2015 and we hope to assist you in any way we can! Call today 469.361.0081 to schedule your appointment today!