Rapid Relief From Snoring

Are you looking for rapid relief from snoring? Whether it’s for yourself or your partner, Stonebriar Smile Design has some wonderful technology to help relieve snoring and its related breathing problems.

Woman awake while husband snores

One of the most recent pieces of equipment that we have at Stonebriar Smile Design is a snore laser called the Solea Sleep. Touted as a “simple, quick, and comfortable 5-minute laser treatment that provides rapid relief to people who snore,” this powerful laser has revolutionized treatment for snoring.


Solea Sleep: How It Works

Wondering how it works? Simply put, the Solea Sleep “traumatizes” the collagen tissue in the back of the throat. Don’t be alarmed by the term “traumatize” because the body reacts in a way that benefits you by tightening the affected tissue, effectively inducing a healing reaction, which reduces the vibration that causes snoring. It also helps you breathe better by opening the airway, and trust us, you—and your partner—will get better sleep.


At Stonebriar Smile Design, we realize that breathing properly and sleeping properly is absolutely paramount, so when you come in for your treatments, rest assured that you will be able to return to your life with no downtime. You’ll literally walk out of our office and go back to work, eat normally, and already begin to breathe better.

With Solea Sleep, we will start to correct some of the root causes of your breathing problems in a matter of minutes. Rapid relief from snoring has never been faster or easier.

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