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Stonebriar Smile Design is a woman-owned and locally-operated dental practice in Frisco, Texas, committed to revolutionizing how people feel about dentistry. We go above and beyond providing whole health dentistry, and we value long-term relationships with patients so we can guide their overall health in the right direction, starting with oral health. Our team of female dentists in Frisco has over 75 years of combined experience in preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, and much more. Dr. Jill Wade and Dr. Jodi Danna use their expertise to push the boundaries of modern dentistry in Frisco and achieve life-changing results. To improve your smile and overall wellness, partner with Stonebriar Smile Design.

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Jill Wade, DDS, MAGD

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The mouth is the window to your health, and our Frisco dentists are highly trained to observe subtle differences that point to underlying health-related issues. Our Smile with Heart program will optimize your oral health while working side-by-side with your other healthcare providers to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, cancers, sleep apnea, and other inflammatory diseases. Together, we will maximize your preventive oral and healthcare potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are few dental practices that can provide the resources and dental services you need all under one roof like Stonebriar Smile Design. We are happy to take any questions you may have about our office, whether it’s regarding our dentists, dental treatments, amenities, financing, or just about anything else you would like to learn more about. Below, we’ve answered a handful of the most common questions we hear, but you’re always encouraged to give us a call if you have additional questions or concerns.


Since there is no single way to designate a dentist as a “cosmetic” dentist, it’s important to look for certain attributes they maintain to see if they can meet your needs. For example, Dr. Wade has years of extensive cosmetic dental training, while Dr. Danna holds a post-graduate degree from the Academy of General Dentistry in cosmetics and holds Fellowship status within the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. This makes them uniquely equipped to perform a wide variety of dental enhancements, no matter how simple or complex your cosmetic concerns might be.


In the United States, roughly one-third of working dentists are female. Data shows that more than 50% of all current dental school students are female as well. While searching “female dentist near me” online can help you get the process started, Stonebriar Smile Design is proud to have not one, but three dentists that are female. Feel free to read their detailed bios for yourself to learn more about their expertise. There, you can learn about their professional background and their stories to joining the practice!


Costs for preventive services like checkups and cleanings will largely vary depending on a few key factors. For example, the geographical location (i.e. cities vs. rural areas) as well as your current oral health can influence the final price. During a checkup, our dentists go over patient health history and discuss any concerns they may have. Then, we’ll perform an exam, cleaning, X-ray, and oral cancer screening. On average, dental checkups fall between $200 and $350. While we are happy to help you use dental insurance, we will always provide recommendations based on what is best for your health.


You’ll want to start by calling our practice to get an appointment scheduled. When you do, a team member can get your visit set up and provide guidance on managing your symptoms. We’ll work hard to get you scheduled to visit the same-day you call. Most hospital ER’s are not equipped to handle dental emergencies, which is why it’s best to call our office directly in most cases instead. However, life-threatening emergencies should trigger a call to 911 immediately. Keep in mind that dental emergencies are typically an indication of a larger problem that needs addressing. Always stay on top of routine checkups so our team has an opportunity to catch problems early.

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